Young Physiologists / Junge Physiologen

A lot is talked about a decrease in the number of young scientists of physiology. The young physiologists were founded to counter this development. We would like to reach out to all natural and medicine scientists interested in physiology and create a communications and information platform to increase active and lively scientific exchange.

It is very important for us to show the interesting aspects of physiology to students and give them a first insight in scientific work, for example during a phd time. Therefore we are about to name young scientists at each university as contacts and establish a “Physiology Day” to show science and the work of physiologists.

We also approach young scientists to provide them with knowledge on scientific methods, visit international conferences and develop their careers. We are supported by DPG that offers young scientists the chance to actively participate in its Annual Meeting, present their ideas and organize own symposia.

We also exchange our ideas with scientists from other fields like the Scientists of Tomorrow , European Society of Cardiology  and  Forum Junge Wissenschaft of the DPGT, thus broading our range and that of our partners. 

On the whole, we would like to motivate anybody interested in physiology to reach out to others beyond the limits of the own lab or university, increase networking and strengthen the physiology community.

To strengthen scientific research and encourage funding of young scientists we formulated our “Recommendations" regarding elections to the German Bundestag 2017.