Activities of the Young Physiologists

► Save the date - 12th Symposium of the Young Physiologists in Kiel

On March 30/31 we will have our next symposium, this time in the city of Kiel. Please send your abstracts until January 30 to the following mail address:

As for the last YP meetings, there will be travel grants for all active participants (oral or poster; generously provided by the DPG) as well as awards for the best posters and talks! Spread the word and send around this flyer to your colleagues!

Hinweis: Past Events

Here you can see all past events from and with the Young Physiologists.

► Young Physiologists Symposium at Europhysiology 2022!

You are attending Europhysiology 2022 in Copenhagen? Cool!

Be sure to check out our event there as well!

Find more information about the Young Physiologists Symposium right here.


PS: We are looking for new talent to come support our team. Interested? Contact us!

► 11th Symposium of the Young Physiologists – 31.03-01.04.2022 in Essen

The Young Physiologists proudly present the 11th edition of their early career physiologists symposium in Essen, from 31.03- 01.04.2022!


Find our program here.


Next to talks and poster presentations of the attendees, we will be hosting speakers, coming to talk about Career and Skill development, as well as networking opportunities. Join us, spread the word and of course our flyer!




Please bring your presentation (.pptx strongly recommended, 16:9 format) on a USB stick or bring your own Notebook/Macbook. However, we cannot guarantee to be able to help with technical issues or missing adapters then.




Please prepare your posters in A0 portrait format. They will be hanging the whole time and we will have 2 poster sessions.

Location of the event: Lehr- und Lernzentrum der Universität Duisburg-Essen (


The symposium format and COVID-19 regulations


If we are able to host the meeting in person, the "2 G+" (German: "Geimpft"/"Genesen" + "geboosterd"/"getestet", English: "Vaccinated"/"Recovered" + "boosted"/"tested") rule will be enforced. 


In case of further changes regarding COVID-19 Federal Regulations by the government of Nordrhein-Westfalen that might preclude an in-person meeting, the meeting would be held online via SpatialChat.


Abstracts submission

The reception of abstracts to count as “Active participant” is already open and closes on 31.01.22.


All active participants will receive travel grants founded by DPG up to 250 € (accommodation + transportations cost). “Passive participations” (without abstract submission) are also possible. However, travel funding is exclusive for active participants.


When submitting your abstract, we kindly encourage you to do it using the template provided. Please save your abstract as a Microsoft Word file (e.g. yourname.docx) and send an email to us to


Please also remember to indicate in your email if your participation consists of a poster presentation or a talk.


We look forward to welcoming you!


Your Young Physiologists


► Young Physiologists @ 100th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society 30.09. – 02.10.2021 FRANKFURT AM MAIN

The German Physiological Society (DPG) celebrates its 100th Annual Meeting in Frankfurt am Main in an IN PERSON meeting this year. The conference will take place from 30.09. – 02.10.2021. For more information on participation, abstract submission etc. click here. The “two G rule” applies here (in German “geimpft oder genesen”; In English “vaccinated or recovered”).

The Agenda

► Come join us for a social Young Physiologists dinner and some drinks on September 29th, right before delving into the conference the following day. Anyone is welcome to join, socialize meet new people and have some fun.

►  The Young Physiologists will have their own JP-Session on Friday, September 1st (“Symposium 9”). We again have our three “Best talk” award winners from the Young Physiologists-Symposium  presenting, this time enhanced by a entertaining talk of the prize-winning science communicator Janina Otto!

► Young Physiologists Online Symposium June 2021: Looking back

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

As every year, we had all participants vote on the top three “Best Posters” presented during the conference, and also the top three “Best Talks” given. The six winners in total were rewarded with a prize each. Here they are:


“Best Poster”

1. Micol Rugi (Münster)

2. Katharina Foreman (Aachen)

3. Francesca Semino (Heidelberg)


“Best Talk”

1. Yoshiyuki Henning (Essen)

2. Bettina Kolen (Jülich) & Jan Clusmann (Aachen)


In addition to winning “Best Talk”, the top three spekaers received an invitation to talk at the 100th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society in Frankfurt during the JP-Symposium this year. Congratulations to all the winners! 

For some data on how people experienced the conference, click here.

► Virtual Young Physiologists Symposium 2021

Dear all, we hope you are safe and sound!

The Virtual Young Physiologists Symposium 2021 will be held on June 1st and 2nd. We are very proud of the number of > 35 contributions (talks and posters) that will be presented during both, morning and afternoon sessions, on both days. For more information, please see the program overview.

The symposium will be run via, a platform that provides an extremely easy & fun to use, efficient "spatial communication" platform. There will be for example a virtual lecture hall, poster rooms, as well as a lobby to hang out and chat.

The symposium is again fully dedicated to the work of early-career scientists in all fields of physiology and we are very much looking forward to getting to know you or meeting you again.

In addition to the science presented by early-career scientists, we are very happy to announce two career-/ skill-building sessions: One by  Dr. Felix von Hardenberg on the pathways of scientists into industry, and a second one by Dr. Helena Jambor on data vizualization.

Registration is free of charge and can still be submitted informally to

We cordially invite you to join our meeting +  see and share the flyer below & let us know if you have any questions.


Stay healthy in the meantime!

Your Young Physiologists

► Virtual Young Physiologists Symposium 2020

Dear all, we hope you are safe and sound!

We would like to invite you to our Virtual Young Physiologists Symposium to be held on October 7th.

This symposium is dedicated to the science of young scientists in all fields of physiology and should make up for the sadly cancelled Young Physiologists Symposium (Marburg, March) as well as our Young Europhysiologists Symposium during Europhysiology 2020 (Berlin, September).

There will be 11 oral presentations, 3 sessions of poster presentations, as well as a keynote career lecture given by Matt Gillum (University of Kopenhagen). The program overview can be found ► here and the detailed program ► here for download.

We cordially invite you to join our meeting, which is readily done by sending us an email to upon which you'll receive the login credentials for the meeting as well as instructions on how to participate.

Please also let us know if you have any questions and stay healthy in the meantime!


Your Young Physiologists

► The 8th Symposium of the Young Physiologists is cancelled due to coronavirus concerns!

Dear all, we are very sorry to inform you that - due to concerns regarding corona virus infections - we had to cancel the 8th Young Physiologists Symposium .

Please stay tuned for any updates on the meeting, since we are currently discussing on whether to hold the meeting later this year or next year.

We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by the cancellation and hope to see you soon!


Best wishes and stay healthy, your Young Physiologists!

Dear all,

It's a pleasure for us to announce the 8th Symposium of the Young Physiologists to take place in Marburg on March 12/13, 2020 (klick here for a comprehensive flyer).

This meeting is an opportunity for you as young scientists (Master/PhD/MD students, young PostDocs) to present your data to and discuss your data with your peers in a more informal setting. We believe the talks and poster sessions will be a great opportunity for networking with other young scientists and deepening your understanding in other fields of physiology research. To strengthen our connections to other early career societies, we will this year cooperate with the Forum Junge Wissenschaft and the Young DZHK.
The symposium will take place in Marburg, a beautiful city that has been heavily influenced not only by the (first protestant) University, but also by its architecture from the middle ages. Today it is a vibrant university city that manages the balancing act between modern urban demands and celebrating its rich architecture and history. We hope to welcome you here next year!


The (extended) abstract deadline is set for January 23rd. When submitting your abstract (250-300 words, submission to please include your name, full affiliation, a provisional title and whether you want to present it as a talk or a poster. Please also spread the word of this meeting in your research groups. We also plan the Social Dinner in the Welcome Hotel (buffet, around 30€). Please tell us, if you do not want to take part in the Social Dinner.

As for the last years, registration is free and the DPG provides travel grants for active participants (up to 250€).


We thank our generous sponsors: +++ von-Behring-Röntgen-Stiftung +++ CSL Behring GmbH +++ Jung-Stiftung +++ Marburger Universitätsbund +++ Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft


Your organizors in Marburg, 

Raymond Thata & Dominik Lenz

► DPG Meeting 2019, Ulm

Dear all,

the annual DPG meeting just passed and the Young Physiologists were involved with the following contributions:

- Didactic workshop in cooperation with Projektgruppe Lehre (Sunday, 9 a.m.) with subsequent dinner

- 2 talks for secondary and high school students (Tuesday, 2 p.m.)

- Our own Young Physiologists Symposium (Wednesday, 2 p.m.)

Thank you to all organizors of the specific events and - even more - to all visitors and attendees, you were a great audience!


Your Young Physiologists

► 7th Young Physiologists Symposium (Nuremberg, March 2019)


On March 14th and 15th, the 7th Young Physiologists meeting was held together with the meeting of our friends from the Forum Junge Wissenschaft at the Paracelsus Medical University in Nuremberg.

First and foremost, the meeting was very exciting thanks to the great efford of our local organizors Annika Droste and Gustavo Chaves.

Participants contributed the record of 26 oral presentations and more than 39 posters from all areas of human & animal physiology – thanks to all of you for participation!

Tree Best talk awards and two Best posters awards were again conferred via direct voting, which this time received:


Best talk awards, which will given an own slot for presenting their work at the DPG meeting in Ulm this year:

1st       Yoshiyuki  Henning (Allgemeine Zoologie, Uni. Duisburg-Essen)

           „Thyroid hormones in ocular angiogenesis and inflammation implications for retinal degeneration“

2nd       Sarah Thull (Institut für Physiologie, RWTH Aachen)

           „Resurgent-like sodium currents induced by insecticide in the absence of pore-blocker“

3rd       Zoltan Pethö (Institut für Physiologie II; Uni. Münster)

           „Environmental pH and mechanical stress orchestrate pancreatic stellate cell activation“


Best posters awards, which received a digital camera kindly sponsored by Nikon:

1st       Stefanie Kather (Veterinär-Physiologisches Institut, Uni. Leipzig)

           „Evaluation of cobalamin-receptor expression in dogs with idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease“

2nd       Jan Clusmann (Institut für Physiologie, RWTH Aachen)

          „The potential of inhibition of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) to impact tumor growth in   


Our program was furthermore enriched by an inspiring talk by Prof. Ute Scholl (Berlin) sharing great anecdotal career advice with us, a music contribution and by an entertaining city tour with social dinner afterwards.

Congratulations to the prize winners and thank you to the Nikon Corpration, B. Braun Mensungen AG, the Congress- and Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg, the Klinikum Nürnberg Medical School GmbH as well as the DPG for their kind support.

Your Young Physiologists




► Early Career Physiologists’ Symposium (ECPS) at the Europhysiology 2018


Dear young physiologists,

we are co-organizing the Early Career Symposium one day before the main conference Europhysiology 2018 in London. Therefore, we invite you to co-submit your abstract to the main conference and the Early career Symposium. Only then, you can be elected for an oral presentation, a flash talk or a poster presentation at ECPS.

This is a unique opportunity to meet the other early careers from Europe and we hope that we as the Young Physiologists will be able to show our quality and quantity! Besides, there are nice prices in each category (up to 300 Euro!) and an intriguing key note lecture by Dr. Jan Christoph (MPI, Göttingen) on 'Tempests of the heart: the electrical and mechanical phenomena underlying cardiac fibrillation'.

Please find more information in the flyer and don't hesitate to ask us any questions regarding Europhysiology 2018!

Best, your Young Physiologists / Eure Junge Physiologen

► 6th Symposium of the Young Physiologists

On September 28th and 29th, the 6th Symposium of the Young Physiologists took place in Jena at the University Hospital. This year, we had the record number of 71 registered participants who delivered 25 talks and showed 24 posters from all fields of physiology.

From both talks and posters, the three bests were chosen by all participants (image on the right). The three prize winners for the best talks are Jannis Meents (Aachen), Marcus Schewe (Kiel) and Maddalena Comini (Jülich) and were awarded travel grants to the Europhysiology meeting in London 2018. The three poster winners are: Janine Obendorf (Leipzig), Sarah Thull (Aachen) and Anna Katharina Kolonko (Münster). They were given prizes sponsored by Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH and BioDeutschland e.V. Further sponsors were the Graduate Academy of the FSU Jena, the Ernst-Abbe-Foundation, JenaKultur, and the DPG with travel grants for active participants.

As a guest speaker, we invited Prof Stephan A. Pless (Copenhagen) to give both a scientific talk and a career workshop, showing the different positions in his scientific career and what early careers can learn from his path of life.

Furthermore, we used the symposium to strengthen the collaboration with the “Forum Junge Wissenschaft”, a sub-society of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für experimentelle und klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie”, and agreed on planning a joint symposium in Nuremberg in March 2019.


► Workshop "Lehre der Physiologie im Praktikum" at the DPG Meeting in Greifswald (March 15, 2017)

Dear Young Physiologists:

There will be a workshop on teaching physiology organized by the Young Physiologists at the next Meeting of the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft in Greifswald. 

You are all invited to attend and participate! Please find attached the invitation letter.
Please register at via e-mail to: 

Looking forward to seeing you in Greifswald!

Jan-Philipp Machtens in the name of the Young Physiologists

► 96th Meeting of the German Physiological Society

The annual meeting of the German Physiological Society will take place from March 16 -18, 2017 in Greifswald. 

This years activities include:

"Schulvorträge", in which Young Physiologists speak to pupils from local schools about physiology as subject and their current research projects. We furthermore discuss about research opportunities and ways into life sciences.

Young Physiologist Session. In 2017, we have the honour of organizing our own session at the meeting in Greifswald. This session will be held together with the three winners for the best talks from our last Symposium in Jülich.

Website of the German Physiological Society

► 5th Symposium of the Young Physiologists / 5. Symposium der Jungen Physiologen

September 22nd to 23rd 2016 in Jülich, Germany

FLYER: 5th Symposium of the Young Physiologists

► 4th Symposium of the Young Physiologists

September 24th / 25th 2015 in Leipzig

FLYER: 4th Symposium of the Young Physiologists

► 94th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society

The 94th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft (DPG) is scheduled for March 5-7, 2015 in Magdeburg, Germany. As last year, the young physiologists' contribution to the scientific program will include (detailed program coming soon):


High School Science Day

Young scientists will visit local high schools in Magdeburg. During this event we try to give students a look into the daily life of a working scientist. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to ask questions about a field some may not have known previously existed...


Young Physiologists Speed Dating

Do you have questions about career options, our science system or clinicical research? A Q&A session with selected scientists from different research areas should give you the opportunity to ask these questions...

more information about invited experts:  news


Young Physiologists Meeting Point

Meet with other young physiologists...


Plenary Lecture

Prof. Simon Rumpel (University of Mainz, Germany)

For scientific program see this website

► 3. Symposium der Jungen Physiologen

Wie bereits in den vergangenen Jahren möchten wir auch dieses Jahr wieder ein eigenes Symposium veranstalten, zu dem hiermit alle interessierteStudenten, Doktoranden und Postdocsherzlich eingeladen sind.

Es wird am 25.- und 26. September 2014 in Bonn (Institut für Anatomie, Nussallee 10) stattfinden.

Abstracts können bis zum 30.06.2014 eingereicht werden. Einreichen könnt ihr diese und den Wunsch eurer Präsentationsform (Vortrag oder Poster) unter Wir freuen uns bereits jetzt auf spannende Vorträge von und interessante Gespräche mit euch.
Sollte ihr noch Fragen haben oder Anreize zum Treffen loswerden wollen, dann schreibt hier.

FLYER: Flyer Bonn 2014

Wir sehen uns in Bonn, eure Jungen Physiologen

► 93. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft (13.-15. März 2014, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

Liebe Studenten, Doktoranden und Postdocs,

das Jahrestreffen der DPG wird auch im kommenden Jahr wieder stattfinden - nach Dresden (2012) und Heidelberg (2013) in den vergangenen beiden Jahren - nun 2014 in Mainz.

Die Tagung wird auf dem Hauptcampus der Unistattfinden.  Auch im noch vorläufigen Programm sind wir Jungen Physiologen wieder mit eigenen Programmpunkten vertreten: 

  • Freiwillige Teilnehmer der Konferenz werden Vorträgen für Oberstufenschüler über zur Physiologen an Schulen der Umgebung halten
  • Freitag, 12.00 - 13.00 Uhr: als einer der Keynote lecturers konnte Prof. Dr. A.M. Zeiher (Kardiologie, Uniklinikum Frankfurt a.M.) gewonnen werden. Er wird in seinem Vortrag auf die Rolle von "MicroRNAs in cardiovascular disease" eingehen.


Daneben hält das Symposium sicher viele weitere interessante Programmpunkte für euch bereit, zum Beispiel: 

  • Donnerstag, 11:30 - 12.30 Uhr: DFG-Fördermöglichkeiten für Nachwuchswisenscahftler/innen (lunch seminar, chairs: Golla, DFG Bonn; A. Draguhn, Heidelberg)
  • Donnerstag, 13:30 - 14.30 Uhr: der Vortrag des herausragenden Physiologen Prof. Dr. Denis Noble (Burdon-Sanderson-Lehrstuhl für kardiovaskuläre Physiologie, Oxford University) zum Thema "What can physiology learn from systems biology and evolutionary biology?"


Wir halten euch hier auf dem Laufenden,
Eure Jungen Physiologen

Website zum 93. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft

► 2. Symposium der Jungen Physiologen

Nach dem erfolgreichen, ersten Symposium der Jungen Physiologen im September 2011 in Leipzig möchten wir dieses Jahr erneut alle Studierenden, Doktoranden und Post-Doktoranden dazu aufrufen, an unserem zweiten Symposium teilzunehmen.


Das Treffen soll vom 10. bis 11. Oktober 2013 in Frankfurt am Main (Räume des im Klinikums der Goethe-Universität) stattfinden. 

Dabei stehtfolgende Punkte auf dem Programm:

  • Informelles Kennenlernen
  • Gewinnen von Einblicken in die Forschung der Teilbereiche der Physiologie (vegetative und Neurophysiologie)
  • Austausch von Tipps und Tricks bei der Anwendung spezieller Methoden
  • Weitere Etablierung der Jungen Physiologen


Über Vorschläge und Mitwirkung am Programm, die das Methodenspektrum oder den wissenschaftlichen Horizont der Teilnehmer skizzieren,  würden wir uns freuen (schreibt uns an:

Unterkünfte werden von uns nicht zentral vermittelt. Allerdings steht in unmittelbarer Nähe des Klinikums das Hotel „Hoffmanns Höfe“ ( sowie in ÖPNV-Entfernung ein „A&O-Hostel“ ( und Jugendherbergen ( zur Verfügung.

Von Seiten der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft stehen Finanzmittel für Reisestipendien zur Verfügung, die den Großteil der Kosten für alle Teilnehmer decken sollten.

Über eine Bekanntmachung dieser Ankündigung innerhalb der physiologischen Institute würden wir uns freuen und hoffen auf eine rege Teilnahme.

Viele Grüße, Eure Jungen Physiologen

► 92. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft (Heidelberg, 2.-5. März 2013)

Auch auf der diesjährigen Jahrestagung durften wir uns als Junge Physiologen wieder mitgestalten und haben uns mit verschiedenen Beiträgen im Programm eingebracht.

Die verschiedene Programmpunkte der JP am Montag, 04.03.2013, wurden dabei rege wahrgenommen. Unter anderem führte Herr Prof. Dr. Ernst Bamberg Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics, Frankfurt) sowohl historisch als auch methodisch das große Publikum in das Gebiet der Optogenetik ein.

Auch das Speed-Dating am Nachmittag empfanden die Teilnehmer sowie die 9 Experten der Grundlagenforschung und der klinischen Tätigkeit als nützlichen und angenehmen Programmpunkt. 

In diesem Rahmen bedanken wir Jungen Physiologen uns bei allen, die sich Zeit genommen haben unsere Programmpunkte zu besuchen oder sogar mitgestaltet haben und hoffen, dass wir auch nächstes Jahr (DPG-Tagung 2014 in Mainz) erneut junge Physiologen vor Ort mit unserem Programm erreichen können.