Symposium - Young Physiologists

Bild: Symposium - Young Physiologists

From 30.03. to 31.03.2023, the Symposium of the Young Physiologists will be held in Kiel.


DGKN23 Call for Symposia

Bild: DGKN23 Call for Symposia

Congress for Clinical Neuroscience with Advanced Training Academy 2023: March 2­–4, 2023   


DPG 2023

Bild: DPG 2023

Die Jahrestagung der DPG wird vom 21. bis 23. September 2023 in Berlin stattfinden. 


The idea of the German Physiological Society (DPG) emerged during the 75th congress of the society of German natural scientists and physicians in 1903 in the city of Kassel and was established in 1904 in Breslau by its founding board member Karl Hürthle.

DPG promotes research and teaching in all fields of physiology. It is an interdisciplinary society where physicians, biologists, chemists and physicists account for the majority of its 800 members.

The annual meeting with symposia, lectures and poster sessions is hold every year in March at the residency of the respective first meeting executive, including special symposia of the (presently) six workgroups on several areas of expertise.

Our Aims

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  • Annual Meeting of the DPG - Reduced Participation Fees for Members
  • Didactic Training Seminars
  • Lobbying in Association with VBIO and AWMF
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Project Group Teaching

The Project Group Teaching of the German Physiological Society deals with occupational policy topics concerning physiology as well as didactic aspects of teaching in physiology.

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Working Groups

The main objectives of the working groups are to increase the networking among the members, to promote scientific exchange between the research groups and to initiate cooperations.

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Bild: WIR - Die Jungen Physiologen

WIR - Die Jungen Physiologen

Vielfach wird vom Zurückgehen des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in der Physiologie gesprochen. Um diesem Trend entgegenzuwirken, haben wir die „Jungen Physiologen“ ins Leben gerufen.

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